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At Philadelphia Catering we are always trying to think of ways to improve our products and services.  We thought, what better way to find out than to ask our customers?  We need honest answers, good or bad, to help us improve and innovate.  Our dilemma is – how do we get you to tell us anonymously, so you can be candid, without taking your valuable time or being annoyed with email surveys?  How about an incentive?  We could give you cookies for survey replies, which would definitely work.  But, we want the answers to be anonymous so you can feel comfortable to be completely honest.  What we came up with, we feel is a win-win for everyone.

For every completed anonymous survey we receive – we will provide a meal for a hungry child!  

You help us – we help hungry children – you get better products and service from Philadelphia Catering. Philadelphia Catering Company announces the creation of, PhillyFeed$Back, a partnership with KidsBites, a Philabundance initiative. It’s a win-win-win.  The partnership centers on PCC soliciting feedback through a series of surveys to our customers.  As an incentive, PCC donates money for one meal to KidsBites for each completed survey.    Last month we started sending out surveys and the quality of the feedback has been tremendous – THANK YOU!  Today PCC will donate 97 meals to KidsBites.  This represents about 15% of the surveys sent, so we still have 85% out there to be completed.  So if you see an email request from us to fill out a survey – Help us out…Help a child out.

Hunger statistics:

  • Close to 40% of kids in Philadelphia live in poverty
  • Hungry children are 60% more likely to miss school
  • Hungry children are twice as likely to be suspended from school

Some links to learn more about poverty, hunger and how it affects children.

We are proud to be part of KidsBites, and to help put an end to undernourished children. Please help us pay it forward by taking a few minutes to complete the survey.

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