PCC Rice Bowl Buffet – Delicious, Healthy, Perfect Choice for Spring!

PCC_SeasonalMenu_2017In a world full of fast-food options, it can be hard to find the perfect balanced meal on the go. We are constantly bombarded by convenience: cheap, easy options that will satisfy your hunger in a pinch. But these foods come at a price – and a calorically dense one at that. Fast food meals can be upwards of 1000 calories, and provide little nutrients to properly fuel your body. So when you’re stuck needing a quick, nutritious meal, where do you turn to?

This is where rice bowls come into play.

Customize Your Own Rice Bowl Creation

Packed with a variety of flavors and endless options, rice bowls are an easy and delicious way to satisfy your hunger and also pack in maximum nutrients. The bowl starts out with grains and greens, which provide fiber, the optimal cholesterol fighter, and micronutrients like iron to keep your energy levels high. The protein comes next, keeping you full for hours on end. Veggies and fruits give you essential vitamins and minerals, while the dips, spreads and dressings keep each bowl unique and surprising.

Rice Bowl Buffet


Rice bowls aren’t your typical salad that will keep you full for an hour before you need another snack, and they’re delicious and customizable enough that you won’t be bored by the endless combinations that can be made. From a Mexican style bowl with brown rice, taco seasoned beef and sautéed peppers, to a Mediterranean bowl with Greek chicken, roasted cauliflower and feta cheese, to even a fully vegan bowl with quinoa, herbed tofu and edamame, the options truly are endless.

At the Philadelphia Catering Company, we are constantly trying to offer options that will not only satisfy your hunger, but also provide benefits that go beyond taste. So the next time you’re craving something unique, hearty, and healthy, check out our rice bowl menu and see what kind of different bowls you can make – or check out our signature options, like our Teriyaki Bowl, which is discounted right now!

Click to see our Rice Bowl menu offerings:  PCC_SeasonalMenu_2017

PCC Employees Becoming Rice Bowl Experts at a Staff Luncheon

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