About Us

Why don’t we do weddings?? By specializing in corporate catering we can best meet the unique needs of business clientele. We cater breakfasts, lunches and corporate events of all sizes. Approved caterer for University of Penn and Drexel.

University of Pennsylvania graduation 2012, a full-scale zero waste event.

The goal of The Philadelphia Catering Company is to provide affordable custom catering to businesses and institutions in the Philadelphia area. We achieve this goal by exclusively servicing institutional and corporate clients and working to identify, address, and adapt to the specific needs of these organizations within this market segment. In conducting business, we will consider environmental, social, and community issues, that our daily operations may impact in a positive way.
Company Overview
Founded in 1995 by co-owners Tim Kelly and Alan DeCecco, The Philadelphia Catering Co. provides catering services for corporate events both small and large. In 2009 we moved our operation from University City to our newly renovated state of the art facility in South Philadelphia. While our primary goal is to provide the highest level of catering services at an affordable price, we also make efforts to support our loyal employees and the environment. We are very proud of our Green Initiatives program and partnerships with organizations such as The Institute for the Development of African American Youth and the Berks County Association for the Blind who produces a untesil set for our boxed lunches. See our website http://www.philadelphiacatering.com for more details!

Co-owners, Alan and Tim, in business together since 1987.

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